3 Ways To Integrate Glitter In Your Nails Designs

"Just add some glitter” might be the perfect answer whenever you want to face a bold and fun manicure. It will look gorgeous on your nails no matter how long they are and it requires minimal nail art skills. If you are looking for ways to show off your creativity, but haven't decided on a style, here are 3 ways you can integrate glitter in your nail designs. Also, you can find so many glitter options on our Avva Glitter Dip Powder Collection.


Accent Glitter Nail

This one must be one of the simplest ways to use glitter. Choose a color that will look great with the shade you are using on the other nails and it will be done without spending any extra time on your design. It is also a classic that will look good on every occasion. To make sure your glitter it's popping, add 2-3 layers when using dip powder.

French manicure, but with glitter

Dress up some classic french manicure with some colorful glitter instead of white. Not only it will look like you put in a lot more effort in your design, but also it will be bolder and more fun. If you are feeling even more daring, you can also add another shade of pale glitter to the rest of your nails.



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Gradient Glitter

This one is perfect for those who can't get the french tips looking absolutely perfect and can’t stand them if they are anything less than. Not only this will not drive you crazy if it is not looking identical on every nail, but it also looks magical cascading onto the base color.

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