5 major nail mistakes you're doing when you use Dip Powder

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Probably you are here because you are wondering: What can I possibly do wrong when I'm using dip powder? Well while the process is pretty simple, we need to get used to some pretty important details before getting that picture perfect manicure we all dream about.

5 major nail mistakes you're doing when you use Dip Powder


Let's go through the application process and see what can go wrong. 

1. You ignore your cuticles

One of the very first mistakes is not prepping your nails properly. This is the very first step and a pretty important one. While the shaping of the nails is for pure aesthetics, the cuticles can really get in the way of the resistance of dip powder on your nails. 

How? Well it so happens that when we first started using dip powder, we applied AVVA Base like we usually apply regular polish: all over the nail & skin. If dip powder gets on your skin, your nails can crack within days because the color will start lifting from the nail. Cuticles always grow, thus they loosen the product on your nail every passing day.

1. You ignore your cuticles

Our tip? Apply AVVA Base without touching your skin.

We know it might be tricky, 'cause we definitely don't have the hands of a pro. So if you don't manage to do that, you can also try to clean your cuticles from the extra liquid with the help of an orange stick, before dipping. If the liquid dries on your skin it will be difficult to remove.

2. You don't take breaks between applications

While we can finish a successful dip powder manicure in just 30 minutes, at-home, with no help, trying to hurry the steps of the process can do more harm than good. 

2. You don't take breaks between applications

Take your time and let the liquids dry well before moving on to the next step. Examples: 

  • After dipping be sure to let the Base dry well before brushing off and applying the next layer.
  • Wait 2 minute after applying AVVA Activator and only then start filling. 
  • Wait 1 minute after the first coat of AVVA Top and only then apply the second one.

3. You don't apply enough AVVA Activator

We will always stick with the advice of "Always apply a thin layer of AVVA Base", but with the activator it's exactly the opposite.

3. You don't apply enough AVVA Activator

Always apply at least 2 coats of activator and plenty of it! This liquid is designed to make the powder really set in and makes the filling of the nail much more secure.

So don't be shy, insist with that Activator and make sure you'll get that 3 weeks long mani you've been dreaming about!

4. You don't clean the dust off your nails during the application

Another aspect that can hurt the longevity of your manicure is the dust and/or the lumps you have on the surface of your nails. 

After each buffing stage it's recommended you clean your nails well with a nail cleaner. This will help the products adhere much better to your nail bed. 

4. You don't clean the dust off your nails during the application

At the same time, after each dip, brushing off the excess powder is crucial. Having lumps and chunks of powder on your nails will make the product crack fast and ruin your whole hard work.

Take your time and eliminate those unpleasant little bumps. You'll thank us later!

5. You forget to file your nails before removal

For many of us the removal of dip powder can be a real pain. We should really be promoting more the Relax & Remove approach.

The most important aspect of removal is filing down the shiny top. You need to really go into filing and buffing those shiny spots and only after start the removal by the book.

5. You forget to file your nails before removal

The Relax & Remove can begin. Either use AVVA Removal Gel or AVVA Clips with acetone/nail cleaner. After leaving the nails soak in these solutions, you can enjoy your favorite TV drama. After only 15 - 20 minutes your nails will be clean, fresh and healthy!  


5 major nail mistakes you're doing when you use Dip Powder

After each Relax & Remove sesh, a new chapter can begin. A new, wonderful manicure can be born with the right tips and tricks. 

Let's make our nails shine again with AVVA Dip Powder

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