5 Wedding Nails Ideas for picture perfect bridal manicures

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Wedding season is up and running so we thought we might give you a helping hand with some beautiful bridal manicures. Are you a classic bride, or do you have an unique approach? Dip powder is super versatile so we think it would be a great fit for everyone!

1. Classy & Sassy

French nails for a bridal mani? YES YES and YES! You can never go wrong with a dip powder french mani, not even on your wedding day. It's simple, it's easy, it's elegant. What else do you need? Oh, that's right, the ring! 🙌 

2. Edgy Bride

We know you love your black nails and guess what? We say you can enjoy them on your wedding day as well! AVVA Dip Powder Black Swan is the perfect choice, but our Dark Diamond Dip Powder can fit right in your fairytale. It has a beautiful soft sparkle which can make you shine all the way through!

3. Outdoor wedding

With an outdoor wedding you can never go wrong. Having everything ready to the smallest detail for sure will include a green manicure. Try AVVA Jungle Dip Powder for a soft, but natural look on your special day. It's super trendy, as well!

4. Royal colors

Don't you love this lilac color? Say I DO and try our Dip Powder Lilac. It's so elegant and so #IN this season. You'll be the most fashionable bride out there! 

5. Classic all the way

You are the all white, all classy kind of bride? Then AVVA White Dip Powder is the one for you! You'll be dressed in white head to toe and feel like a real princess. 

So what kind of bride will you be? Tell us what color you love and show us your mani! We'd love to stay in touch through our community. Join AVVA Community here.

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