Dip Powder Benefits - Save Time & Money

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I am back with another article about AVVA Dip Powder benefits. If you get the chance, read the other two articles on Benefits of Dip Powder: No UV Lamp and Lasts 3 weeks. They are full of insights and even tips & tricks. 

There's no denying dip powder has its critics, but we found that the advantages are more convincing then any hater out there. 

Probably one of the most compelling arguments PRO dip powder is the time and money saved when using it. We know it might sound too salesy, but hear us out.

Dip Powder Benefits - Save Time & Money

A nail salon appointment is over $50, you waste time looking for a salon, calling to make an appointment, driving there and back home etc. There you spend another 2 hours if not more, depending on the experience of your nail tech. And all that if you want some gel polish which will last you almost 2 weeks.

Buying a fully equipped gel polish kit can be cheaper, yes. But imagine yourself losing more then 3 hours to wait for each layer to dry under the UV lamp (not skin healthy). Not to mention the mess of the polish smudges we all confront with. 

That counts for a lot of attention and time wasted. Moreover when you'll see your hard work ruined after 1 week or 2 when the polish starts chipping. 

AVVA Dip Powder can make a difference. Yes, it's tricky in the beginning, given that you are not used to the system, but what isn't? After 2 or 3 tries you already got the hang of it and you can stop worrying. 

Dip Powder Benefits - Save Time & Money 02

We found that a beginner can have their nails done in just 30 minutes. You dip powder nails will last you 3 weeks guaranteed, if not more. Plus, did we mention the money you save? 1 dip powder can get you up to 30 manicures. Yes, you read right, 1 dip powder = 30 manicures. 

This being said, what more can we add? Oh right! Get your AVVA Dip Powder Starter Kit for only $32.99. That kind of rounds up to $1 for 1 manicure. So don't waste any more time and try it! 

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