How to fix a broken nail with AVVA Dip Powder

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We've all been there. Finally our nails grow big and beautiful, yet no matter how careful we are... we get ourselves a broken nail. We are always working with our hands. Doing house chores, opening cans or just doing simple everyday things, we always manage to break or chip our nails, one way or another. 

Or maybe we just have extra brittle and soft nails. We never get to have those beautiful long manicures because of that nail that breaks too fast. If our nail breaks in the middle or really far down, then there's no rescue. It can even hurt and that never helps in anything you do with your hands. It can be a pain even to type on your phone, not to mention the lousy aesthetics that it gives to your hands. 

Unfortunately, there's no broken nail repair kit to fix our beautiful manicure. Or at least there wasn't one until now! 

It can be hard to believe, but AVVA Dip Powder can provide you this kind of safety net. Your nail repair kit can contain just 1 AVVA essential Gels Set + 1 Clear AVVA Dip Powder and you'll be set forever! 

Let's see how can AVVA Dip Powder can help you. First of all, our dip powder is non-toxic, paraben free and odorless. It's super easy to use at home and it dries pretty fast, no UV lamp needed. 

AVVA Dip Powder makes your nails strong and crack resistant, thus making it absolutely perfect to fix a broken nail. At the same time, it's resistance will amaze you for sure, given that your dip powder mani can last up to 3 weeks. 

If you prefer your nails natural all the way, no worries! AVVA Dip Powder Clear is perfect for you because it's completely transparent, but with all the benefits mentioned above. You're gonna be able to show off your natural nails without them cracking or ripping all month long. 

PC: @amyle.nails

At the same time, you can for sure use your favorite colors for an extra cheeky mani if that's what you're into. Just check out our awesome Dip Powder Colors Collection and take your pick.

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Now that we've convinced you, let's see how to repair a broken nail with AVVA Dip Powder in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Apply AVVA Base on the nail crack and dip into AVVA Clear

After buffing gently your nail, apply AVVA Base exactly on the nail crack and dip it in AVVA Clear. Wait a few seconds and brush off any powder excess then proceed to step 2.

Step 2 - Apply AVVA Base on the whole nail and dip into AVVA Clear and brush off the excess

Apply AVVA Base again, this time on the whole nail and dip into AVVA Clear on a 45° angle. This way you make sure to get all that powder everywhere you need it. After a few seconds brush off the excess powder. Be sure to clean the cuticle area as well, so you won't have weird chunks that can weaken your nail resistance over time.

Step 3 - Apply AVVA Activator, buff to perfection and Apply AVVA Top 

Apply AVVA Activator minimum 2 times and buff to perfection for that even layer of powder that will last up to 21 days. Wipe your nails with alcohol to get off any dust and apply one or two coats of AVVA Top. 

And you're done! You can do Step 2 and Step 3 for all your nails and you'll have extra resistant nails for at least 3 weeks.

For a more visual tutorial on how to fix a broken nail at home please view this awesome video made by one of our favorite nail artists ever @amyle.nails.

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