How to match your Nails with your everyday Outfits

How to match your Nails with your everyday Outfits

When it comes to mix and matching outfits and colors we gals have a lot to figure out. One of the most common 'happenings' is doing your nails with your favorite shade of peach, only to realize the next day, that it does not go well with your carefully planned outfit. 

This can throw off your schedule completely, and, let's admit it, it's super frustrating to rethink your outfit in the morning. Or worse, you can just ignore it and then think about it all day, while feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. 

Neither of the options feel very reassuring, so we decided to offer some help. Here's how to match your nails with your everyday outfits:

1. Check your Wardrobe

Check your Wardrobe

First step? Open your wardrobe and take 2 steps behind. What colors do you see repeating? Do you wear more prints or you prefer basic colors? Are you into neutrals or you feel happy in lively colors?

Most importantly, separate the clothes you are actually wearing the most, from the ones that "I really love, but I never feel like wearing". This will help you realize what colors you are using the most and how you can adjust the rest of your outfit details.

2. Less is more

You probably heard this a lot, but it’s only because it’s really true. Less is more when it comes to putting together an eye-turning outfit. So if you usually wear a lot of prints, try to adopt more neutral colors for your nails. 

Nude, browns and greys are very popular lately. But you can never go wrong with black & white or the iconic red and french manicures

 Less is more

In the same way, you can really play with pastels or color blocking if you have more neutral clothing. You can let your imagination go wild on your nails, once in a while!

 Less is more

3. Match with accessories

If you have a passion for shoes or bags, nail colors should come naturally. Mixing and matching your manicure with your accessories is another way to hit the jackpot. Black shoes with black nails, red bags with a red manicure will make you have a clean, carefully put together look. So open your wardrobe and try to integrate the shades of your accessories onto your nails.

Match with accessories

4. Details are key

When going for a spotless outfit, details really matter. So if you are into accessorizing and jewelry, your nails can follow the shades. Check your jewelry box and find your ideal manicure colors. This way you'll definitely rock the stage every day!

Details are key


 5. Metallic shades are here to stay

Metallic nails have had a raise in popularity and they are here to stay. Their versatility makes them easy to wear with almost any type of style. 

Either gold or silver, grey or copper, your manicure will work its way in your everyday outfit. You'll look fresh and fashionable every day of the week. 

Metallic shades are here to stay

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