How to use AVVA Dip Powder Kit for a Nude Manicure

Hey gorgies! 

We know how much you love a nude manicure. They look natural and work with any outfit you can think of! Probably that's why they are in the top #MustHave nail shades. 

Luckily, AVVA Dip Powder Kit Dulce de Leche is exactly what you are looking for! A Dip Powder nude mani is the next best thing to your regular nail polish. Wait... actually.... it's MUCH better! Dip powder lasts up to 3 weeks, crack and chip-resistant with no UV lamp! Ain't that something?

So let's get into it. How do you actually use AVVA Dip Powder Kit Dulce de Leche? Well, let's take it step by step:

1. First, prep your nails!

We always say this, but only because it's so important. Preparing your nail before applying dip powder can be essential to your manicure durability and product adherence, but also to your overall look. What does 'prep your nails' really mean? 

  • Wash your hands before to make sure no dust particles will get in your way during the process;
  • Push back your cuticles, making sure you get a clean, sharp look. You want to have a professional-looking manicure, right?

  • Shape your nails in your desired form. It can be Stiletto, Almond, Square or Oval, anything of your liking. You're the boss here!

  • Buff the shine out! One of the most important details of the dip powder procedure is buffing out the shine off your nails, GENTLY! We don't want you to damage your nail bed, so always begin with less buffing and work up from there. This part is super important for the product to adhere better to your nail so it really lasts for 21 days!

2. Apply AVVA Base and Dip in

Now the really fun part begins.

  • Apply AVVA Base - PRO tip: always apply a thin layer on your nail and always try to avoid applying it too close to your cuticles. 

3. Brush off the excess

  • Brush off any excess powder and apply AVVA Base and Dip in powder again, for a better color intensity. 
  • Wait 15 sec and brush off all the excess powder off your nails! It's super important to not have extra powder left on your nails for the next step.

4. Apply AVVA Activator

  • Apply AVVA Activator after you make sure you have no excess powder on your nails. 
  • Wait 15 sec and apply the second layer of AVVA Activator. This product is essential for your powder to really set in.
  • Start Buffing your nail and try flattening any bumps or spots off your nails. It's completely secure to insist with the buffing here because the AVVA Activator makes the product super strong, thus letting you repair any damage you might have on your nail beds after application.

5. Apply AVVA Top

  • Before applying AVVA Top make sure to wipe your nails with a cleanser so you won't have any remaining dust. 
  • Apply up to 2 coats of AVVA Top for a better shine and strong durability.
  • Wait up to 2 - 3 minutes for the top to fully dry!

AAAAND YOU'RE DONE, Gorgie! AVVA Dip Powder Starter Kit Dulce de Leche has done its job!  Now you have the perfect, long-lasting, salon-quality nude manicure you've been dreaming of!

Now it's time for some awesome #NailSelfies. 

Relax and start bragging about your new glam nude nails all over social media! Everyone's gonna love it! Don't forget to tag us and use the hashtag #avvanails! We'd love to see your results and get you featured on our page. 



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