Stop the cracking and chipping of your dip powder nails!

Hi lovely, Lauren here!

We love having our nails dipped and we are obsessed with it! It's super fun and relaxing. Yet, as beginners we might have had our dip powder troubles. One of the most common problem was cracking and chipping of the nails. All that excitement turned into frustration after only 2 - 3 days. 

So I tried to inform myself. Why were my dip powder nails cracking and chipping after only a few days? I found out that it's all in the application steps. A few details missed and all my work would go out the window. But now, after trying all of these little tips and tricks I have long-lasting nails and I am proud! Here's what I learned:

  • Apply thin & even layers of AVVA Base

This one was a painful adjustment. I used to apply my first step all over the finger, on the cuticles, not really paying much attention to it. I would have chunks of powder after dipping and it would be kinda of painful to remove it so I would leave it be. The thing is, I was kinda wrong from the start.

Turns out, I needed to apply very thin, even layers of AVVA Base on my nail bed so the powder would be distributed evenly. All those chunks and unflattering powder gathered up would certainly provide my cracks after 2 days.

  • Keep the nail in the Dip Powder more

When I dipped I would be like 1, 2, 3 go, next step. Even though it's a fast process, we do not need to hurry too much. Apparently keeping the nail in the dip powder for up to 30 seconds can help on the adherence of the product. 

This way the powder is stronger, thus my manicure will have fewer reasons to get cracking *wink*wink*. Which leads me to my next point.

  • More layers, more strength. 

I noticed that if my first layer of dip powder is Clear, the powder tends to be more strong. Giving that Clear doesn't have color, its strength it's much greater and provides a good base for the next 2, 3 layers. 

At the same time I needed to avoid having too much product around the cuticles so I tried the 3/4 method. 

  • Use more Activator

When using the Activator I was a bit on the economy side. I should have applied at least 2 layers, soaking the brush in the bottle for each nail. Also, I began caping my nails very well to make sure it will get on the whole surface of the nail and bond well enough with the Base.

After, I just scroll my Instagram for 2 minutes and I start filling & wiping the nails.

  • Cap your nails with the Top

In the end, adding the shine on the whole surface of the product and caping the nails well enough got me a long way. Now I just enjoy my dip powder nails for up to 20/21 days, no problem. 

Be sure to try these secrets of mine and let me know how it goes! I am excited for you! 

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