The Best Nail Colors for Every Zodiac Sign

Hi girls, Lauren here!

Do you know what is your power color accordingly to your astrological sign? If you are curious we are here to tell you! You could be wearing your power color on your nails right now and not even know it! 

Our personality is driven by certain aspects, as well as our mood is changed by different colors. Some of the colors give us joy, others make us look away, either way, your astrological sign will for sure guide you towards the shade that's best suited for you!

Let's dive into it.

Aries loves red

Intense, passionate and slightly stubborn, the person under the Aries sign will prefer to wear hot, fiery colors like our red shades. It's the color that inspires courage, excitement and passion.

The person under the aries sign is full of life, always full of energy and pretty spontaneous. Wearing red nails will fit perfectly with their way of living.

Taurus is green

Grounded and extremely trustworthy, Taurus signs are drawn to stability, planning and vitality.  You can forever rely on a Taurus and treat him with luxury gifts. 

Their power color is green, which is a very vivacious color and will make the taurus feel revitalized and closer to nature. We have plenty of green colors on our dip powder collection, and luckily, green nails are trending this year.

Gemini is all about the yellow

Full of life, sociable, extremely introspective and thoughtful, Gemini will make anyone feel comfortable. They are very talkative and intelligent, drawing attention to them effortlessly. 

Yellow is so their color! The brightest on the spectrum, yellow shades will manage to express correctly the personality of a Gemini. Try our Casablanca Sunshine dip powder, it's gonna win their hearts for sure.

Cancer is a silver queen

Extremely compassionate, always there for you and empathic, Cancer signs are very sensitive and caring. A cancer always forgives, but never forgets so be sure to not disappoint them.

Their go to color is silver or metallic grey, ethereal shades. Discover our selection in our dip powder collection and gift them some inspiring metallic shades. 


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Leo adores Orange

The queen ruler of all will forever be in the center of attention. Leo ladies will spark curiosity and attract you with their beauty and confidence. 

Their magnetic personality is ruled by the color orange. With this bold color Leos will feel empowered and at-home.  For sure they will want to try some color block orange on their nails. And we have the perfect shades for them! 

Virgo prefers Brown

This earth sign will make sure to be useful, help on fixing your problems and will always have ideas to reveal. 

Being a master planner, Virgo needs a muted, subtle color to keep them in the good place. Everybody knows already: brown looks magnificent and elegant in a manicure. 

Libra is forever Pink

With a highly developed aesthetics instincts and a big imaginative brain, Libras are one of the most balanced signs in the zodiac. She loves to be surrounded by people and avoids conflicts at all costs. 

Pink is the perfect color for them, as it brings out all the sensitivity and serenity of their personality. Luckily we have the perfect pink shades for them in our collections. 

Scorpio is in love with black 

These mysterious beings, the Scorpios have a great observational power. You can never know when to take them seriously or not and have a rather deep, compelling look in their eyes. 

Their power color is black, which is perfect to maintain the above mentioned mystery. We would gladly recommend them our Dark Diamond dip powder.

Sagittarius under purple rain

Adventurous and friendly, the sagittarius is always out and about. They are  problem-solvers by nature and everyone sees them as their best friend. 

Purple will always inspire a sagittarius and will bring him joy and new adventures. With a purple manicure, he'll be the most friendly person at the party!

Capricorn wants a balanced grey

Individualists, ambitious and born to be responsible, the Capricorn will be very mature, stable and motivated. Sympathetic, yet with a very high self-control they will succeed in everything they want.

Grey colors are the perfect neutrals to balance them out in time of need. Luckily grey nails will forever be in fashion! 

Aquarius swims in blues


Thinkers ahead of their time, the people under Aquarius sign are lovely weirdos anyone can love.  They are born humanitarians and conceptualize everything. 

Blue is their favorite colour, as it brings them calm, knowledge and stability. They would for sure fall in love with our collection of blue dip powders

Pisces dream of turquoise

Pieces love art, romance and are highly imaginative beings. They are forever dreamers that need to be grounded, yet have the best intuition. 

Their power color is always turquoise, a dreamy, beautiful shade. 


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