Top 6 Secrets about Dip Powder Manicure


1. Concept of Dip Powder

2. Comfort is key in dip powder manicure

3. Dip and Go! Easy to use and Easy to apply

4. Does dip powder smell?

5. Is Dip Powder toxic?

6. Long lasting effects with a natural look

7. Fast to apply, fast to dry

8. The benefits of Dip Powder

Have you ever wondered why dip powder manicure has a nicer, sophisticated look and ranks higher than other common nail solutions, like acrylic and gel nails? Well, in this post we shall learn about the beauty of dip powder nails and their most well-kept secrets. Curious? Let’s dip in. 

Concept of Dip Powder


A dip powder nail is a type of manicure that makes your nails noticeable with its shiny exterior while also hugging and acting as a protective shield for your nails. It’s stylish, it’s classy and it’s easy to use! One of the secrets of dip powder manicure is that its pigment comes from a colored powder and uses a resin-type glue to give you a lasting effect. So, if you want a dip powder nail, your manicure will last up to 3 weeks, with the same shine and pigment as the first application.

However, there is so much in store than what meets the eye. With dip powder, you enjoy so many benefits. Some of these include its durability, its non-toxicity, and above all, the ease to create or design from the comfort of your home. 

But that’s not all. Apart from these benefits, dip powder holds secrets, many people do not know about. Let’s root them out.

The Well-Kept Secret of Dip Powder


1. Comfort is key in dip powder manicure

Did you know that with this nail powder, you do not have to look for a manicurist or visit a nail salon for a nail job? One benefit of using this powder is that it allows you to sit in the comfort of your home and dip. All you need to do is get all the products essential for your manicure and properly apply it to achieve the desired result.

2. Dip and Go! Easy to use and Easy to apply.

Let’s face the facts, only a few things can be done without any special technique to them. Dip Powder is no exception. There are a few steps you must be aware of before starting the procedure, but it's nothing too complicated. Consider the following:

  • Prep your nails for the procedure. Make sure to avoid water because dip powder does not favor water. Instead, clean your nails with a lint-free wipe. 

  • Shake the powder before opening the lid so the ingredients mix well enough.

  • Apply a thin clear Base Coat on your nails.

  • Dip your nails into the powder
  • Clear-off excess powder. You can use a fluffy brush for this.
  • Repeat if you want a stronger color: Apply a thin layer of Base Coat on your nails and dip into powder again.
  • Apply the Activator on your nails and buff your nails

  • After buffing you can seal everything with the Top Coat

3. Does dip powder smell?

Unlike traditional gel and acrylic that have a strong smell when applied, dip powder does not. Why? You may ask. It’s simple. This powder has some acrylic polymers that contain larger molecules and produce lesser or no odor. So, if you didn’t know that dip powder nails do not smell, now you do. 

4. Is Dip Powder toxic?

Did you know that unlike most manicures that use strong chemicals in their production, dip powder does not? This is one secret many people do not know about as they feel all manicures are the same. However, with dip powder, you do not have to fear your nails getting chipped. Instead, the chemical in the dip manicure strengthens the nails.

5. Long lasting effects with a natural look

Have you ever had your nails done only for them to come out looking artificial? Most of the time, acrylic nails fall victim to this. But this is not the case with dip powder. With dip powder, the goal is to create a natural-looking nail. So, when people see your manicure, they’ll notice how natural they actually look.

6. Fast to apply, fast to dry

One thing dip powder does not require is a long time to dry. Where a gel manicure may require that you use a UV lamp to toughen and make it solid, dip nails dry immediately. So if you’re looking for a nail solution that will stay long and dry fast, dip powder does the job. 

The benefits of Dip Powder

Dip powder is your go-to for a durable, long-lasting, and sophisticated look. However, to create this manicure, you need: dip powder, base coat, activator and top coat, specifically used for making dip powder manicure.

People may think that using this nail manicure does not amount to anything. But the secrets of this powder lies in its application, smell, chemical preference, natural look, and short drying time.

So, before having a nail job, you will want to consider these benefits as opposed to other nails. 

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