Which Nail Shape Suits You Best?


Nail inspiration is everywhere you look and some choices can seem more crazy then others, but what if we told you there's a nail shape suited for each and every one of us? 

Depending on you hand shape and/or fingers you can actually make the right choice when it comes to shaping our nails.

First, let's see our options. These nail shapes are trending and for sure you've considered at least once a Stiletto manicure.

Trending or not, the thing is each shape can look better or worse depending on what mother nature gave us. That's why we wanted to create the ultimate guide on which nail shape suits you best. Here we go:

Oval nails

Probably the most common shape, it can be easily done by filling the edges straight and ending with soft semicircles. Looks great short and even better if it's extending over the fingertip just a tiny bit.
Looks best on: Short fingers. It will create the illusion of longer & slender fingers, especially if they are a bit grown out. 
Best wear: Natural colors, anything soft colored. If you are a glam lover you can give AVVA Glitter Grey dip powder a try.

Squared Oval nails

The easiest to do nail shape ever! File straight on the sides and on the tip of the finger and then softly round the corners. It's a very common shape and can be mega versatile.

Looks best on: long fingers. They are very low maintenance so if you are an active person this is the shape for you!

Best wear: Anything that pops out! Strong, bright colors are the way to go with these Squared ovals. Try our Navy Blue Dip Powder and you'll be obsessed!

Ballerina nails

Super trending & super fancy, this shape can make a statement: you are really into nails! It's very similar with the coffin shape and you can create it by filling your nail like a stiletto nail and then file out the top of the nail. 

Looks best on: Short palms and long fingers. They are pretty high-maintenance, giving that you need some strong, healthy nails for them to last. 

Best wear: Usually such a statement nail is worn with anything glamorous! Pinks and purples are all #MustHaves. Most often then not there are a lot of sparkly accessories added. Try AVVA I Dare You Dip Powder for a Barbie inspired look. 

Square nails

Everyone wanted square nails at some point in time. Everybody tried them for sure. But as you might have noticed, they are not for everyone. Easily done, you just file straight on the sides and straight on the top, making sure to create a square shape.

Looks best on: long palm, long fingers. Lucky you! The easiest shape out there and it fits you. It's the most flattering shape for your hands and the most desired shape out there. Enjoy!

Best wear: Anything artsy. These little squares of yours are like a blank canvas ready to be painted. Try dipping them in some Tangerine Dip Powder. It's perfect for any season!

Almond nails

Believe it or not, this shape suits everyone! We would definitely give up on any other choice and pick almond nails any time. It's such an elegant, classy and timeless shape! And anyone can get away with it!

Looks best on: EVERYBODY! With this shape we hit the jackpot. Try it and you'll never let it go!

Best wear: Nudes, natural nails and/or french nails. It will flatter any hand and make you look classy and sassy! Follow Me dip powder looks awesome on anyone, as well!


If you are a fashion fanatic and obsessed with anything trending then probably you would love to try the stiletto shape. They can be spotted and admired instantly!

Looks best on: short fingers, short palms. It's a statement, but it's also flattering for small hands and, of course, fashionistas! 

Best wear: Anything fancy! The world is your oyster with this one. If you are not in the habit of working with your hands this shape can pretty much show off any trend, effect or bling out there! We would love to try a stiletto with our Dark Diamond Dip. 


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