Why Choose Dip Powder Instead Of Regular Nail Polish

1. Why is Dip Powder Better?
2. Differences Between Dip Powders and Regular Nail Polish
3. Is dip powder really better for your nails?
4. Why you shouldn't use dip powder

Dip Powder vs Regular Nail Polish

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re torn between dip powders and regular nail polish…or just plain curious about them.
And we’re here to let you know that dip powders nail colors are for the win! But first, hear us out...
In this guide, we delve deeper into these two of the most talked-about nail products, what they consist of, their differences, as well as answer some common questions asked by the nail care community, etc.

Why is Dip Powder Better?

For those of you who are new to the dip powder manicure welcome! You’re about to be amazed!

Once you’re through with reading this guide, you’ll leave with a leveled up manicure knowledge and an urge to get yourself one of these bad boys!
But first, let’s get you comfortable by explaining the basics of what is dipping powder for nails so that you can have a better understanding of what we’re talking about.

Dip Powder is non-toxic, odorless and cruelty free

The term ‘dip powder’ is pretty much self-explanatory. But what are dip nails? Glad you asked! An astounding breakthrough in nail technology, dip powders provide you with gorgeous nails within just a few minutes that can last up to 3 weeks!

The process includes filing the nails a bit to create a rough texture that would allow the dip powder to cling on it, applying a base coat, dipping the nails in the dip powder, finishing the process off with a top coat and voila! You’re good to go!

We have included more details on the process in our ‘DIP POWDER INSTRUCTIONS - FULL GUIDE WITH VIDEOS & PHOTOS’ article if you’re interested to learn more about the steps to take.

Now that you have a rough idea on what a dip powder is and how it is applied, we’d like to jump straight into its differences with regular nail polish and why it is better.

Differences Between Dip Powders and Regular Nail Polish

To save you time, we have summarized the differences between regular nail polish and dip powders in the table below:

Dip Powders

Regular Nail Polish

Lasts on nails up to 3 weeks

Lasts only 2 - 3 days 

Lasts longer

Prone to chip quickly

Dries faster

More likely to smudge and leave a mess


Contains toxic chemicals that are harmful to your body


Strong chemical smell

Doesn't require UV Light

Takes longer to dry


Given the vast differences between the two, we think it’s safe to assume that you now understand why we prefer dip powders rather than the usual regular nail polish that everyone is so used to.

We would also love to answer some of the most common questions regarding dip powders. So without further ado, here it goes:

Is dip powder really better for your nails?

Dip Powder is better for your nails

Unlike nail gels which require exposure to UV light that can be harmful if used frequently, regular nail polish that contains a myriad of harmful toxins that cause damage to your body, or acrylic nails that cause damage to your natural nail beds, you’re better off getting dipped nails.

Dipped nails are way better than any other option out there not just in terms of aesthetics, but also in the safety that it provides. 

Why you shouldn't use dip powder

This statement may seem counterintuitive especially given that we're all for dip powders but hear us out. 

We highly discourage you from using dip powders that are used on other clients at the salon. 

Why you shouldn't use dip powder

Regardless of the high numbers of reviews or how good the salons sound, you never know whether the dip powders are free from any bacteria or fungus. Any person with infected nails can ruin the whole thing before anyone realizes.

So to be on the safe side, we would advise you to purchase your own dip powders and kits which you can use on your own at home or you can carry them with you to the salon of your choice. 

We have several dip powders that you may be interested in such as our glitter dip powders, chameleon dip powders, and glow-in-the-dark dip powders. Or if you are interested in more classic colors we prepared for you the classy collection.


Dip Powder Colors


Just be sure to call the salon beforehand to let them know that you’re coming with your own dip powders just in case they have a strict policy against clients coming in with their own purchased nail products. 

In addition to the dip powders, we also stock dip essentials such as base coats, top coats, cuticle oil, removal gel, etc as well as dip powder kits that come with a variety of dip powders along with the essential items you need. 


Dip Powder Essentials


Also feel free to check out our dip accessories such as the reusable remover clips for dip powder and nail gel extension, as well as our AVVA nail brush that really help with the dipping process. 

If you found this guide useful, you may also be interested in some of our other informative blog articles on dip powders:

Good luck and happy dipping!

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